About slsot



Our Vision


Sri Lanka society of occupational therapists believes that


  • Occupational therapy plays a vital role in the health care system in Sri Lanka.
  • Occupational therapy practice is mainly use as a treatment as well as prevention coping skills and very productive scientific art for total cure and productive life as the other parts of the world for the physical and psychiatric patients.
  • Occupational therapy positively influences the medical rehabilitation of physical and psychiatric patients by contributing by its own professional method of therapeutic rehabilitation for better quality life.
  • It must be build co-operation, high ethical standard and mutual respect of all levels.
  • It’s non political and non profitable organization.
  • It bears all the responsibilities regarding the professional development advancement while keeping occupational therapy identity.
  • The success of society depends on the activity of the leadership of society.
  • It should collaborate with other professional organization, ministry of health, universities and other relevant organizations while keeping professional identity.
  • It’s should keep membership with world federation of occupational therapists (WFOT) and other relevant organization which are guiding by WFOT.
  • The members are the most important assets.


Our Mission


Sri Lanka society of occupational therapists (SLSOT) promotes occupational therapy as one of the treatments for the patients who are having physical and psychiatric disorders, dysfunctions or deformities permanently or temporary to meet there personal, domestic, employment or educational and social life successfully for a quality and productive life within Sri Lanka.

The SLSOT maintain safe guard and improve the professional practice and standard and the professional educational within Sri Lanka to provide the quality advanced occupational therapy service and the highly experience qualified occupational therapists to Sri Lanka.


Affiliation of SLSOT with WFOT


  • The Sri Lanka society of occupational therapists is a full member of world federation of occupational therapists (WFOT) since 2002. Before that SLSOT affiliated to WFOT as an associated member since 1982.
  • The delegate of WFOT for Sri Lanka Mr. Nimal Liyanage participated for the following council meetings.

      Edinburgh – UK – 1994

      Nairobi – Kenya – 1996

      Sapporo – Japan – 2000

      Stockholm – Sweden – 2002

  • The delegate of WFOT for Sri Lanka Mr. Nimal Liyanage addressed the 50th WFOT anniversary at Stockholm 2002 as one of the speakers among eight speakers from all over the world.
  • He presented a scientific paper for 13th WFOT congress at Stockholm 2002.
  • Presently SLSOT continuing WFOT membership.
  • WFOT organized and conducted a workshop for India, Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka delegation regarding disaster management. Mr. J.H.M. Jayaweera, president of SLSOT in 2005 organized this workshop.
  • WFOT newsletter of December 2010, mentiones about SLSOT and it's activities regarding the world occupational therapy day 2010. You can download it in PDF forat from here.