First Physical Field OT Treatment Equipment in Sri Lanka


Imported Equipment


1. Larvic Lathe

Still this persists in Main OT unit of the RRH- Ragama. This is used for maintain JROM. Also this is being used for strengthening the upper limbs.


2. Wire Twisting Machine

This was at the OT unit of RRH. Now this is not in use. This was used for obtain Supination and Pronation, obtain different types of grips and to obtain Thumb Opposition.


3. Electric Cycle

This is full adjustable and still being used. This was used for Upper Limb Strengthening, improve JROM, improve Coordination and for improve muscle endurance.


4. Adana Printing Press

This is now not in use. This was used for improve Upper Limb JROM, Ankle Dorsiflexion and Plantar flexion.


Local Equipment


1. Therapeutic Well

Still this is being used at the Spinal Injury unit of the RRH. This is being used for improve Upper Limb Strength and improve JROM in Upper Limb.


2. Spatial Box

This is now not in use. This was used for improve identification and special awareness. Also this was used for improve Stereognosis.